Wednesday, April 02, 2008



明治公園スーパージャンボフリーマーケット - 開催日程・出店予約

フリーマーケット掲示板 / 東京フリマ

A 80s groove treasure -- one of the few albums cut by Paradise, a hip little combo who were plenty heavy on the keyboards! The style here is really great -- very stripped down, but never too much so to ever be cold or electric -- and instead always warm and soulful, thanks to great vocals from the group, and a slight undercurrent of jazz in the mix! Paradise come across with a quality that could have easily landed them at a bigger label -- but the record's also got a better indie appeal too -- a really fresh, unique quality that's miles from most hit soul of the time. Songs are all well written -- and titles include "One Mind Two Hearts", "With You", "Just Can't Stop", "Satisfied", "Don't Give Up Now", "Love is The Answer", and "New World". CD also features 2 bonus tracks -- "One Mind Two Hearts (extended)", and "Back Together".